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New Zealand is filled with vistas providing scenic settings for some of the most beautiful properties. As such, Kiwis have had a long-lasting affinity to properties. The enduring love for property notwithstanding, finding property information had been a daunting task. Historically, there has been no platform that provided a unified and complete information on properties.

That was the case until Carmen Vicelich, Kerry Stewart, and Malinda Baird unveiled MyVelocity, a platform optimised for providing complete and accurate property information. And this is not just another platform that contains information on properties across New Zealand. The MyVelocity platform was originally designed for the banking sector.

The proprietors of MyVelocity, in collaboration with New Zealand banks worked to produce a product that infuses data analytics and the latest technology to bring out a complete picture that can be relied upon by banks, and now by property sellers and buyers.

What Makes MyVelocity Unique

Considering the origins of this platform, you can rest assured that the information they provide you with is accurate. The accuracy of property information is important in ensuring that investors (regardless of whether you are selling or purchasing) make the right decision. To maintain high accuracy of information, MyVelocity works each and every day to update the information.

Comprehensive Information

Aside from accuracy of data, it is important to ensure that you understand the complete and clear picture. MyVelocity firm collects are a multitude of information to drive its analysis. There are over 80 different data sources in use to ensure that every bit of information that you get is complete and accurate.

Trustworthy Source Of Information

It is also important for the source of information to be trustworthy. If you are going to use the information garnered from any valuation firm to make investment decision involving a lot of money, the information needs to be trusted. With this in mind, you can rest assured that you MyVelocity is a trustworthy valuation firm. After all, they are trusted by NZ banks to provide objective information that reflects the status on the property market. Furthermore, the firm is independent and wholly owned by Kiwis. Therefore, there is no undue interference and pressure to alter any bit of the information by foreign nationals.

Reliable Information

The property information produced by this firm is reliable. The use of up-to-date data to derive the information and the constant updating makes the information reliable. It is little wonder that banks rely on MyVelocity to get high-quality information.

Who Stand To Benefit From MyVelocity Offerings

MyVelocity’s products are designed to suit the needs of anyone looking for property. Whether you want to buy a property, as your home or for business purposes or you want to sell your property, MyVelocity’s products will serve you well. You can use the various packs, such as buyers pack, sellers pack if you are buyer or seller respectively.

Additionally, they also have other products such as the Certificate of Title Summary Report, Comparable Properties Sold Report, and Sales History Report.

Do you need to get a Quotable Value rating on a property that you are currently looking at, one that is located somewhere in New Zealand? This information is going to be provided by a valuation service provider. These businesses can tell you exactly how much a property is valued at, and also providing you with other information such as how much similar properties have sold for in the same area. This information is invaluable when you are trying to negotiate a deal with someone that is selling at a price that you believe is too high. A great company to work with is called MyValocity. Here is exactly what you need to do to get a QV rating from this business that can help you on your way to purchasing a home.

Why Choose MyValocity For A QV Rating Report

To find out a little bit more about this company, visiting their website can be very helpful as they will present all of the services and reports that they offer. They tell you a little bit about their company, and why their data is going to be the most up-to-date, allowing you to make the right decisions. If you were to get a comparative analysis of different properties that was several months old, you could be making the wrong decision on the purchase of a house you are looking at right now. This company is considered by many to be the most reliable independent business that is built for Kiwis by Kiwis, and here are a few of the reports that they offer.

Reports Offered By MyValocity

Some of the reports that you will see include the popular iVal report which is going to give you estimated values on the different properties that have recently sold. This is always going to have real-time data, and will also show you the latest market sales and calculations that can help you make the right decision. This report will not provide you with any information about the physical condition of the property, or if it is rare and not accurately comparable. They will simply do their best job to give you an estimate on how homes of a similar size and configuration have sold, and what price you can expect to pay for the one you are looking at. Additional reports include the Comparable Properties Sold report which is similar to the iVal, plus you can always get a certificate of title summary and building consent report. These are all provided at very reasonable costs, making it easy for people to gather this information to make the right decision when they are purchasing property, or even when they are selling property on the market.

Contact MyValocity For A QV Rating Today

If you do need to have that QV rating done in the next few days, contact MyValocity right away. It will make it possible for you to get this information prior to making an offer on a home that you would like to purchase. As mentioned before, this is also valuable information that you can use if you are going to sell your home somewhere in New Zealand. You simply need to pay them to gather it, and this up-to-date report will help you in your quest to either purchase or sell property.

For those who are entering the market looking for significant Suzuki motorcycle parts, you will know how hard it can end up being. You are going to be lost as to what you should be buying and how much you should be buying it for.

With Moto1, you are looking at a company that is not going to make it hard on you, and this is going to be the way to go.

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Great Selection

The selection of parts will be out of this world as you are going to see how many variations are present and the attention to detail with this company. They are not going t ogive you something that is worthless or is not going to sync well with the system.

You will be able to get them installed and see the motorcycle revving into action as soon as you want.

With parts of this nature, you never want to feel like things are taking a step back as that is not a good thing at all. Be smart and focused.

Fantastic Prices

What about the prices you are going to be paying on the Suzuki motorcycle parts? Will they be fair or are you going to end up paying too much for what you are getting? This is essential because you always want to go with a safe solution.

The prices are not only going to be great; but they are also going to be out of this world.

You will fall in love with the parts and the prices that are attached to them, which is the reason you are going to want to shop online with Moto1.

OEM Parts Only

Do you want parts that are the real deal? With Suzuki motorcycle parts, you are not going to want to get something that is a dud and that can happen when you take the chance on the wrong brand.

You want something that s going to suit your motorcycle and its design.

The best and safest way of doing this is making sure you are going with a good brand that is easy on the mind and is not going to put pressure on you. An OEM part is the one that you will be able to trust with Moto1.

Go with this brand and know you are going to get world-class Suzuki motorcycle parts that are going to gel with your machine and are not going to cultivate new issues from time to time. You will be able to put these parts in and get going with the rest of your life. You will not have to keep looking at the parts and how they are functioning because they are going to do a real good job for you.

This is the way motorcycle parts should be, and you will love it with Moto1.

Although you may have a fantastic roof on your home, you may not have a guttering system that can channel the water to specific areas. It is possible that the rain, over the course of several years, could actually cause dry rot on the outside of your home as a result of constant splattering. When this occurs, you could end up with thousands of dollars worth of damage that must be taken care of in order to prevent the further spread of this fungi. A way to prevent this from happening is to have guttering and spouting installed to properly direct the water. Advanced Roofing is a business that not only installs roofs, but they also do these guttering systems. Here is what you need to know about this continuous spouting Christchurch company, and how you can get a fast estimate.

The Benefits Of Guttering And Spouting

Before you contact this continuous spouting Christchurch company, you should understand the benefits of actually having a continuous guttering and spouting system. It is very different from the typical segments that are connected together, something that is a much less efficient choice. Although you could probably install one of these on your own, picking it up from a local home improvement store, there’s simply not the same as continuous systems. It will literally prevent any possible leakage, but you need to have a continuous spouting Christchurch company come out to do the job.

Why You Should Use Advanced Roofing

This business is known in Christchurch as a reputable company. They are primarily a business that will put on a new roof and also reroof homes. They also are called out when people detect a leak in their roof. They are experts at repairing virtually any leak or problem that you can have. If you have not contacted them before, you can call them up or send them an email from their website. They will get back with you immediately. You can set a time for them to come out to your location to discuss the guttering and spouting services that they provide and get an estimate for how much it will cost for them to install one on your home.

Other Questions To Ask Them

While they are on your property measuring to see how much it will cost to put one of these systems in, you can ask about how much a new roof will cost. They can also do an inspection of your existing roof to see if it is actually time to have a new one put on. This continuous spouting Christchurch company will get back with you, providing multiple estimates on the different jobs that you might like to do. Once they have brought these back to you, you can make a decision on whether or not to get the continuous spouting or get a package deal that comes with the roof.

Advanced Roofing is a trusted name in the roofing industry, one that is well known throughout Christchurch. If you need to have guttering your spouting done, or you would also like to have a new roof put on, this is the business that you should call. They offer reasonable prices and a wide variety of choices when it comes to materials and colors. They will do a professional job for a reasonable price. Call them today to get your estimate.

Web design has become an important service for every business as more and more realize the importance of the internet. Many businesses have been able to reach customers they wouldn’t have reached. There are many advantages to a business having a website, and it is important for every business to have one. There is a lot of competition out there and you will need to do everything in your power to ensure you are at par or even in front of your competitors. The social and mobile web has given a consumer the chance to choose from many different platforms.

In order to get the best out of web design Orewa, you will need to have the right web design company to help you. There are many web design companies out there, your job will be to find the right one. The best way to ensure you get the right service is choosing the right web design company. Below are some tips that will go a long way.

Know what you want

One mistake that many businesses make when looking for a web design company is failing to know what the business needs. Knowing what the business needs is important because you will be able to know the services that you need the most. Know how the web design company can help you reach your goals and help you measure your success. For example, if the website is mainly e-commerce, then the main point of focus is going.


Working with an experienced web design company is a good idea because there is a bigger chance you will get quality service. There are many challenges that a business will meet on the way, and it helps to have an experienced company to help you out. Experienced companies will be able to come up with solutions if something goes wrong.

How is their site

The first impression you get when you visit their site is important because you can learn more about a company from the way they did their own website. If they did a good job and you are impressed, then there is a good chance that you will get a good website. You are looking for someone who will help your fist impression online, so you need to be impressed with theirs. During the consultation meeting, ask as many questions as possible, to give you the chance to learn more about the company.


It is important for a web design company to give you references because you get the chance to talk to their past client and see their quality of service. Visit their websites and see the quality of work they delivered. You can talk to their past clients and ask them how they liked the services they received. You can also ask them if there was proper communication during the course of the project.

Finding the right web design Orewa is important because you will also be finding a long term partner to help you with your online effort. This is why you need to do it right.